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Ralph Litwin & Friends
Makes My Heart Feel Happy 54:04

1. Tryin' To Be A Good Ol' Boy, But You're A Bad Old Habit 4:16 Click Here For a Sample
2. Something In Your Voice (Makes My Heart Feel Happy) 5:54 Click Here For a Sample
3. Sunny Side Of The Street 3:12
4. Love Is Like Washing A Potato 4:09 Click Here For a Sample
5. Never No Mo' Hard Time Blues 3:03
6. Where Has It Gone To? 3:52 Click Here For a Sample
7. I'd Rather Say Goodbye To You Than Give Up An Indoor Toilet 4:54 Click Here For a Sample
8. Scat Yodeling Man 3:02 Click Here For a Sample
9. Merle Haggard Was Eatin' Tofus 2:54 Click Here For a Sample
10. Buckdancer's Choice 1:54 Click Here For a Sample
11. Streetsinger's Bitter Supplication 4:33
12. Do You Dig That Hot Jazz Sound? 5:05
13. Mississippi Sandman 4:12 Click Here For a Sample
14. Make Peace In Mind 2:55

(c)(p) 1990 RALPH LITWIN

"INDIE ALBUM PICK...This is a unique eclectric blend of country, bluegrass, calypso, jass, and western swing, vaguely reminiscent of Jimmy Buffet, Bob Wills, and Jerry Jeff Walker, but highly original. Included are tongue-in-cheek looks at "Merle Haggard Was Eatin' Tofus", "Love is Like Washing a Potato" and "I'd rather Say Goodbye To You Than Give Up An Indoor Toilet" would Make Ray Stevens's worth the checking out."
Cash Box, November 1992

"The cover states 'Country, Calypso, Old Time Jazz and Western Swing to Feed the Spirit.' This is not exageration; these genres are authentically and respectfully presented (as well as Old Timey and Rhtyhtm and Blues)...(Litwin is) a tasty player of the 'Mississippi Saxophone' i.e. hamonica."
Mugg Muggles in The Folknic, newsletter of San Franscisco Folk Music Society

"...a wild and crazy new age C&W kind of guy... also a powerful, energetic vocalist who sounds like he loves performing... spanning a dizzying range of styles. The instrumental backings are impeccable, and most of the tunes demonstrate a great sense of swing... an impressively eclectic debut."
Dirty Linen

"social consciousness... good time approach... country boy... jazz enthusiast and banjo whiz... unyielding enthusiasm."
Sing Out!

"...leaves one with the feeling that we can heal the planet... makes you laugh as you get the message... great sing-alongs... a unique New Age experience..."
Heartsong Review

"A very good album... the songs are well written and performed... love the harmonica - eat your heart out Bob..."
Platter Puss (Queensland, Australia)

"...a talent of original ideas plus one of the weirdest senses of humor Iíve come across in songwriting..."
The Mississippi Rag

"...the music is bright, bouncy, and cheerful... a warm, friendly, entertaining presence... also plays a pretty snappy harmonica..."
CD Review