Ralph Litwin and The Band With a Thousand Names

"...also plays a thousand styles and includes at various time a thousand members. Dixieland, old-time, ragtime, Delta blues, Western swing, bluegrass, and newgrass all find a home in Litwin's hands, as saxophones, tubas, and clarinets join forces with banjos, Dobros, and mandolins. It's the rare band that can handle romantic stringband waltzes, novelty jazz tunes, and Robbie Robertson songs with equal flair, leaving a unique stamp on all. These vaudevillian frolics are delivered with such sheer joy and exuberance, it reminds you why you like music in the first place." - Dirty Linen

From the stage we like to announce, "We are The Band With A Thousand Names today appearing as..."

The Fabulous Furry Harmonica Brothers
Al Podber and Ralph

The Eclectibilly Brothers a.k.a. The Old-Time Music Show
a.k.a. The Hot Foot Travelers a.k.a. The Gelfondosonics
Lew Gelfond and Ralph

The Radiant Geezers
Ralph and Tom Blatz

The Washington Hotel Three Piece Orchestra
Lew Gelfond, Dave Grego, and Ralph

Wild Man Ragtime Trio
Dave Grego, Ralph and Andy Goessling

Wild Man Ragtime Blues Stompers
Lew Gelfond, Dave Grego, Ralph and Henry Nerenberg

The Mother Earth Recycled String Twangers
Standing: Henry Nerenberg and Lew Gelfond
Sitting: Al Podber and Ralph

The Down Home Foot Stompers a.k.a. The Old-Time Bluegrass Pickers
Rear: Lew Gelfond and Ralph; Front: Mike Esposito and Chuck Winch

Wang Dang Doodle
Tom Blatz, Eli Litwin, Ralph and Mike Esposito

Flop Ear Mule
Mike Esposito, Orrin Star, Greg Vongas, Lew Gelfond and Ralph

Wild Man Ragtime Blues Stompers w/flapper
standing: Dave Grego, Lew Gelfond and Henry Nerenberg
seated: Stephanie Litwin and Ralph

Ralph doing Cosmic Cowboy Music