"THE HILLBILLY PAVAROTTI...one of the top troubadours in New Jersey, in demand for his prize-winning brand of country, folk, old-time jazz, ragtime, blues and other quintessentially American sounds."
The Star Ledger (NJ's largest daily paper)

"...a great contribution... a very unique style... combining fingerpicking, strumming and clawhammer... almost like a Mississippi delta approach to the banjo... a one-man barrier breaker... fascinating"
Tony Trischka, banjo superstar & author of Masters of the 5-String Banjo (in Banjo Newsletter, 5/89)

"a magician... plays harmonica like you wouldn't believe!"
the late Tiny Moore (of Bob Wills' Texas Playboys)

"His joyful blend of good-time music, high energy banjo and harmonica-playing, blues, novelty tunes from the 20ís and 30ís, and just plain fun are irresistable."
Folk Project Newsletter

"...good pickin', real good singin'!"
Utah Phillips

"Whether performing alone or leading large and unlikely combinations of musicians, Litwin holds everything together with his good-humored approach and extravagant vocal style, which runs from a bluesy falsetto to a comic twang."
Daily Record

"The music he plays has traveled across the generations... but the attitutude is always in vogue -- peace, harmony and the celebration of life as a joyous event."
Out & About

"Thanks for your friendship and your music and your original banjo picking."
the late John Hartford

"...range, power and a presence that I havenít heard recently in other singers."
Fred Bartenstein, III, DJ & former editor of Muleskinner News (bluegrass magazine)

"Veteran banjo players flock to his side to see how he does it. Ralph Litwin has created a unique banjo style."
Ed Denson, founder of Kicking Mule Records

"...unique lyrics and storytelling, punctuated with his offbeat sense of humor."
The Outpost Reader (Outpost Coffeehouse, Montclair, NJ)

"...a one-man entertainment center!"
Mike Agranoff (booking chairman, Minstrel Coffeehouse)

"...great ability to entertain people... a very entertaining musical show that appeals to a wide and varied audience."
Jim Halsey (Oak Ridge Boys Mgr., discovered Roy Clark, The Judds & Clint Black)

"...unleashes a ton of energy when he plays."
Folk Music Society of North Jersey Newsletter

"...a masterly touch on traditional instruments."
Jim Albertson, past president of NJ Folklore Society

"...a legend on the New Jersey folk scene... a one-man folk festival."
Ron Olesko, host of Traditons on WFDU

"We... were impressed by his unusual approach to playing the 5-string banjo."
editor of Banjo Newsletter, introducing cover story

"I must say your music is certainly original and quite listenable."
Mike Flynn, host of The Folk Sampler, syndicated radio show