Ralph Litwin
Wild & Lazy 63:53

1. Big Time Woman 2:35
2. Wild About My Lovin' 4:20 Click Here For a Sample
3. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter 2:45
4. Summertime 4:23
5. Buckdance 5:10
6. Ain't Misbehavin 1:42
7. Doin' The New Low Down 2:36
8. Barnyard Dance 4:26
9. Mr. Sandman 3:14
10. The Dream Of Our Time 1:35 Click Here For a Sample
11. Mole In The Ground 4:13 Click Here For a Sample
12. I Ain't Got Nobody 3:47
13. Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life 3:38 Click Here For a Sample
14. Hot Chestnuts 5:37
15. Lazybones 5:22
16. Sandy River Belle Meditation 8:21 Click Here For a Sample

Copyright (c)(p) 1993 Ralph Litwin

"...appealing mix of old-time string band jazz, ragtime and jugband, with Litwin playing banjo and harmonica and sinnging in a style that sounds deceptively informal. He balances between the tongue-in-cheek and genuine artistry, conjuring up an image of Leon Redbone on the back porch with a few friends that play trombone, clarinet, fiddle and tuba...moves effortlessly from Fats Waller...to a wonderful 9-minute Sandy River Belle Meditation."

Chicago Tribune

"...a captivating entertainer from New Jersey who plays banjo and a harmonica (wearing a harmonica holder)... It's virtually impossible to characterize Ralph's playing style because he does whatever he wants to do when he feels it's appropriate to how he wants to sound. Folks, that covers a lot of ground. He plays 5 string like a plectrum banjo, like a guitar using multi-finger pinches and rolls, he strums, he hums, he warbles and just plain sounds like nobody but Ralph Litwin... His album will catch you by surprise with all sorts of tunes you'd never expect... a collection of 16 tunes of the funkiest, wildest and laziest variety complete with tuba and harmonica accompaniment;gotta hear it to believe it!"

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